Warm Mixed Vegetable Salad

It’s FRIDAY!!! And I don’t think I’ve been this excited for the weekend in a long, long time. To be honest, I had a cake recipe all ready to share, but decided that I should probably slow down with the dessert recipes. With the crepe cake, last week and the chocolate chip & pistachio meringue cookies this…

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Sofritas Tostada (30 Minute Recipe)


How is everyone today? I know it’s a Wednesday, and we still have a few days until we get to the weekend but for some reason I’m in a crazy good mood! It’s probably because Stephen comes home today after a few days away traveling for work! I’m not going to lie, being alone in…

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Chocolate Chip & Pistachio Meringue Cookies


It’s officially spring-time (as of Saturday) and that means tons of “Easter-themed” dishes are headed your way!While fall is my absolute favorite season, there is something about spring and its freshness that is so appealing. Being able to leave the windows open, and see the sun until 7:00 just makes me so happy! Plus, it…

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Baked Chicken Flautas (Crock-Pot)


Alright friends, it’s Monday. And it’s not just any old Monday either, because for those of you who are students/teachers it’s either your Spring Break (yay for you!!) or the week before your spring break. Guess which is true for me? Yup, it’s the Monday before spring break, which means that the kids are stir crazy…

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Raspberry Crépe Cake


Happy Friday! We made it. I for one am thrilled it’s the weekend, especially because it means warmer weather and some time outside! I can’t wait! And because it’s the weekend we all could use some brunch inspo and, this week, it’s coming to you in the form of this massive crepe cake! Honestly, I…

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Jalapeño Fritter Burger with Garlic Aioli


So remember when I said those jalapeño fritters from yesterday were going to be used in a mind-blowingly good way?Did I fulfill that promise, or what? I’ve been wanting to do another hamburger on the blog since forever, and with the onset of warmer temps I thought I would make some summer food to get us…

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Jalapeño and Cheese Fritters


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! While today’s post isn’t really in “theme” (although the jalapeños are green) if you’re looking for some Irish dishes, check here and here. So, I am pretty much in love with today’s recipe! Especially because these jalapeño fritters are being used in a totally awesome way for tomorrow’s post, too! I mean,…

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Green Monster Smoothie Bowl


Have you noticed that a lot of my dishes are served in bowls? I guess I just really love eating stuff out of bowls; soup, rice bowls, and now, smoothies! I’m sure all of you have seen the myriad of smoothie bowls floating around Pinterest, lately. Filled with acai berries, passion fruit, goji berries and basically…

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