Cranberry & Persimmon Preserves

I am so excited for Thanksgiving. This year, Stephen and I flew out to SLC to celebrate his brother’s wedding and, as a bonus, get to hang with all of our extended family on the big day! Basically, this week is going to be filled with so much love, family, and food and I just…

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BBQ Chilaquiles


Do you guys ever have “aha” moments in the kitchen?  I mean when you look at seemingly unrelated ingredients and somewhere within the depths of your subconscious, your mind makes a connection? Well, this recipe was my “aha” moment. See, last weekend Stephen and I went to NC and, on our last day, my parents served…

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Garlic Pretzel Knots with Cheesy Dipping Sauce


Ok, friends. Today’s recipe is a winner. Just imagine a delicious warm carb-filled pretzel knot stuffed with fresh gouda, topped with garlic salt then dunked in a warm, creamy cheesy sauce.  I mean, right? And you might not believe me… but these guys are super simple to make, and are pretty fool-proof! I’ve made them so many…

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Your Guide To Nailing Thanksgiving


For today’s post, I wanted to give you guys some awesome resources for planning/preparing your Thanksgiving meal! And for those of you who won’t be in the kitchen this year, well think of it as inspirational guide for next year. Let’s get started! How to plan for the day of: If you want an expert’s…

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Red Quinoa, Black Bean, Jicama and Edamame Salad


How was your weekend? Ours was a whirlwind! We drove down to NC and spent some time with my family eating good food and enjoying the crisp fall weather!  While we loved being with our family for a few days, driving back on Sunday meant not having a lot of time to prepare meals for…

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Pumpkin Cream Pie


Remember that tutorial on pie crust I did yesterday? Well today is all about using it to its full potential. And, since it’s Thanksgiving, that means Pumpkin Cream Pie! Now, I know this is a slight variation from the beloved classic, but hear me out.  This pie has everything you love in your pumpkin pie…

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How-To: Make A Fail-Proof Pie Crust


One of the most intimidating things, for me at least, is making pie crust from scratch. I’m not sure why the baking world perpetuates this but, after hearing how difficult pie crust was for just about everyone, I made a silent note to never bother trying it for myself.  That is, until a few months ago when…

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Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Crostini


I am so excited to share today’s recipe with you guys! While I was planning out this week’s Thanksgiving inspired meals, I knew I wanted to include some sort of salad dish but wanted to stay away from your run-of-the-mill options.  And this is definitely not your average salad, it has; barley, kale, golden raisins, cranberries,…

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