4th of July Cake Donuts

Happy (almost) 4th of July!! I’ve got something awesome for you guys today and, if you couldn’t tell by the title, it’s something I’m pretty excited about!! Homemade DONUTS!! And the obviously had to be themed because of the holiday, but these are seriously perfect for any time of year and take 30 minutes from…

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Authentic Italian “Spaghetti” with Marinara Sauce


Remember my post on how to make authentic Italian marinara sauce a few days ago? And remember how I also said I was going to share how Italians traditionally eat this sauce with their pasta?Well, today’s the day! And I am so excited because this is life changing (I mean culinary wise). See, I went…

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How to Make Authentic Italian Marinara Sauce


Did you read that title? I know, I know, I’m excited too. And in case you think that I’m going to give you a tomato sauce recipe using canned tomatoes, you are dead wrong. Today is all about how to get a 100% authentic Italian marinara sauce (which, by the way, isn’t even the correct…

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Grilled Chicken Skewers


Alright friends, I am officially back from Italy and so excited to try and recreate some of the AMAZING dishes I made/ate there. It was such an incredible experience and I am already planning my next trip! One of the coolest things I did in Rome was take a cooking class where we were taught…

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Summer Fruit Galette (with apricot and nectarine)


Well friends, Italy is even better than I had hoped. We are off to Florence tomorrow, then Positano/Amalfi Coast on Friday. I have had more gelato than I care to admit, and my pants may or may not require a second pair of hands to get buttoned, but it’s totally worth it! I can’t wait…

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Loaded Enchiladas


Our first few days in Italy have been incredible! We have been eating nothing but carbs (in the form of handmade pasta and thin crust pizza) as well as grabbing gelato at LEAST twice a day. This is totally my dream vacation. And since our first few days were spent getting oriented, today Stephen and…

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