Rainbow Veggie Sub With Lemon Aioli


Now that warmer temps are here and Memorial Day is right around the corner (so excited for the long weekend!!!), I figured some “picnic friendly” food was in order! And, to me at least, nothing says picnic more than a seriously loaded sub. What makes this one special is that is is made with 100%…

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Summer Pasta Salad With Fresh Corn and Tomatoes


So today’s post has about a million (8) photos, so if you’re here just for the delicious recipe, go on and scroll to the bottom. I promise, I’m not offended With our impending move (why is time flying SO fast?), it’s crazy how fast things are changing around our little home. Because we are only…

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Superfood Mason Jar Salad


Before we get into today’s post (which, is awesome by the way) I just had to give you an update about my hard drive situation because… I finally heard back and WD is going to be able to get my files back! I found out yesterday afternoon, and man, it feels good to have our…

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On-The-Go Breakfast Bar (and some exciting news!)


How was your Mother’s Day Weekend? Hopefully, full of flowers and breakfast-in-bed if you’re a mom, and for all of the rest of us, I hope you were able to spend some quality time with the amazing women in your life! Now, if you noticed, I was a little MIA last week and there are a couple…

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Italian Salad With Creamy Garlic Dressing


I almost feel bad about today’s recipe because, guys it is so simple. But, when Stephen and I don’t know what to eat for dinner and want something simple and light, we almost always eat this salad with some form of protein. I know it doesn’t look earth-shattering but the reason I’m actually sharing this…

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Mixed Berry Popsicles


First of all, Happy Cinco de Mayo!I know it’s a tradition mostly celebrated here, in the United States, but it’s always fun to have another excuse to eat some delicious Mexican food! Sadly I don’t have any Cinco de Mayo recipes to share today (my lovely hard drive crash made sure of that) BUT I…

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