Granola Clusters

I made us some granola! And man, is it good! Today’s post is one of those glorious recipes that come together on the first try AND look beautiful! This may surprise the non-food bloggers out there, but along with the normal recipe testing for each post, I sometimes have to re-shoot a dish multiple times, as well! In…

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Simple Beet & Orange Salad


Today’s recipe is all about simplicity. Since I’ve been on a baking kick, lately (it’s an illness) I decided that I should lighten things up around here and make a simple salad for you guys!  Because of all the baked goods I have laying around the house (like, these insane fluffernutter pop tarts, these buttery “puffins”, and…

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Fluffernutter Pop Tarts


I am SO excited about today’s post!  I was saving this for the “perfect day”, but decided that I couldn’t hold out on you guys any longer! I mean, homemade pop tarts are pretty much the pinnacle of baked goodness. But pair them with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff? I mean, come on! That’s the stuff…

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Mediterranean Chickpea Salad


It’s 1 degree outside, guys. ONE! School has been cancelled for the third time this week (let’s be real, I’m loving it) and I am counting down the days until spring! Honestly, while I love the crisp air of winter and the look of fresh fallen snow, I can’t wait for some greenery! The cherry…

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Apple Fritter Pull-Apart Bread


I have been waiting to share this recipe with you guys for what seems like forever!  After Stephen requested something along the lines of an apple fritter donut a while back, I decided to switch things up a bit and combine that classic flavoring with another classic medium, pull-apart bread. And, let me tell you….

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Soba Noodle Broth Bowl With Seared Beef


How was everyone’s weekend? We had tons of fun with my family Saturday and Sunday (I even had a little Valentine’s Day photo shoot with my cute parents!), then spent all of Monday trying to drive home. Between the traffic and the onset snow storm, what is normally a 4 hour drive turned into a…

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“Puffins” With Garlic, Cheese, and Pesto


First off, Happy Friday!! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is tomorrow? Since I’m sure you all have your dinner plans made (if not, try this for dessert, this  if you’re looking for something hearty and this if all you want is to curl up with a bowl of deliciousness) I decided to share a brunch recipe that would…

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