Buckwheat Pancakes

This week marks the last few days of the clean eating series on TBC! I’m a bit sad to see it come to an end, to be honest. I have learned so much this past month about nutrition and eating conscientiously that I can’t wait to continue cooking clean for Stephen and myself! But on…

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Quinoa Stuffed Peppers


Today is extra special because it’s my Mom’s birthday! I probably should have baked a cake in her honor but, seeing as she lives a few hundred miles away, I figured I would save the treats for when we are next together and instead make one of my favorite recipes of hers, stuffed bell peppers! She used to…

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Tandoori Pizza on Whole Wheat Na’an


How was everyone’s MLK day? Hopefully relaxing and fun! Stephen and I ended up going to the Hirshhorn and the Museum of Natural History (they have an incredible wildlife photography exhibit right now that is a MUST see!) Museums then went exploring and found a multi-colored church and had a little fun taking goofy photos….

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Pasta Carbonara


Happy MLK Day! To celebrate, Stephen and I are spending the day in DC playing tourists! We both decided to pick one museum ( I picked the Hirshhorn) and then grab lunch at Brown Bag and man, am I so excited! Sometimes it’s nice to plan a little adventure. Speaking of which, remember those mussels from…

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Thai Hot & Sour Soup


Ok. Can I just say that today’s recipe involves mussels?! MUSSELS! Ah! I had never worked with them before (part intimidation part not knowing where to find them) but guys, they are so good AND super easy! Seriously, they took 5 minutes to cook and I may have bought a whole bag full so basically…

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Mexican Sopes (Vegan)


Today’s recipe is all about comfort food. Now I know it’s tempting to think of clean eating as salads, salads and more salads (which, I love. don’t judge) sometimes we need something a bit more substantial to get us through our daily routine. To help out with that, I’ve taken a bit of inspiration from…

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Chocolate & Pistachio Power Bites


I don’t know about you, but I have been snacking up a storm since the holidays.  I’m not sure if its my body recovering from the flu, or just a hardcore case of the munchies. But man, I feel hungry all. the. time. Now the inherent problem with this is that instead of snacking on…

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Roasted Tomato and Avocado Toast


Guys, I finally took the plunge into the “avocado toast” craze. Sure, I may be about a year late to the party but better late than never, right? All I can say is that I am extremely sorry I didn’t do this sooner! I’m almost embarrassed to share this recipe because it’s SO simple.  But then…

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