Lightened-Up Apple Crumble

You guys,  I am so excited about this weeks “A-Sweet-A-Week”.  It is everything you could ever want in a dessert, AND it’s been lightened up. AKA no guilt! (YAY!) I mean, isn’t this what we all dream of?  A dessert that tastes sinful, but without that “I need to hit the gym couch, STAT” feeling? (Ok,…

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Blue Cheese Hamburgers with Sweet Potato Fries


This week, I’m in NC (my hometown) hanging out with my bros (so much fun)! So expect to see a LOT of “hearty” meals up on the blog because man, can these boys eat! (I had to snap these photos in record time because they kept eating the props!) When I asked for their input for…

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Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup


How was everyone’s weekend?  I got to spend most of my Saturday hanging around DC for a photo shoot, and had so much fun! Earlier in the week, Stephen came down with an awful cold (think chesty cough, runny nose, and ear and headaches) and was pretty much confined to the sofa after work each night….

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Pumpkin & Coconut Pancakes


Happy Friday, friends!  In celebration, I decided to share the recipe for these amazing pancakes today so that you can have enough time to prepare for brunch tomorrow.  I first made them last week, and have been dying to share the recipe ever since.  You guys are going to LOVE these! They are made with a…

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Falafel & Hummus Gyros


Today’s post begins with a bit of a backstory (so if you just want the recipe, skip ahead). Still with me? Let’s go back about 29 years, or so, when my mom and dad were first married. Although you wouldn’t believe it now, my Mom didn’t know the first thing about cooking back then (in fact,…

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Vegan No-Bake Brownies


I’ll give you guys a second to let that title sink in…. For this weeks A Sweet A Week post, I wanted to switch things up a bit. Now, don’t get thrown by the word “vegan”.   These brownies are just as, if not more, decadent and rich than your favorite brownie recipe.  They are flourless and…

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Acorn Squash and Sweet Potato Soup


Can you believe it’s already Friday?  I can’t wait for the weekend to start, and to spend some (much needed) time outside enjoying the gorgeous fall weather! Which brings me to today’s fall inspired post.  I decided to do a twist on the typical butternut squash soup by using sweet potatoes and acorn squash. Intrigued? I…

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