French Dip Sandwich with Harissa Fries

I hate being a downer, but this is a safe space so let me get this off my chest at the beginning so we can move on to more awesome things (like this amazing sandwich!). Remember how I said I was sick? Let’s just say I was being way too optimistic.  Flu season is in…

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Beef Stew & Dumplings


Can you believe there are only 9 more days until Christmas?! Where has the time gone?! I’m not even close to being ready! I haven’t listened to nearly enough holiday music, baked enough Christmas treats, or finished watching ABC’s 25 days of Christmas (although I have watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas aka my fav…

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Mediterranean Super Green Salad


So I know I said today’s post would be part two of my royal icing tutorial but, I have a small confession. After edging and flooding the cookies, then waiting for them to dry overnight, I looked at them after work today and realized they just weren’t what I was going for.  So I will have…

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Coq Au Riesling


Today’s post is extra special.  Partly because I’m finally sharing a dish I’ve wanted to make since forever and  because I get to share a little bit about a collaboration with one of my favorite cooking companies! While I was exploring the Le Creuset Outlet a few months ago, I started talking to the manager about TBC…

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Royal Icing Part One


You guys ready to learn how to decorate sugar cookies like a pro? I hope so!  I know royal icing can seem pretty intimidating, in fact I was intimidated by royal icing for years until I sat down and watched a bunch of different tutorials and realised I had nothing to be scared of! So if you…

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How To Make Sugar Cookies That Hold Their Shape!


I’ve been dying to share this Sugar Cookie How-To for ages.  In fact, I was planning on sharing it last Friday, but I had a little mishap.  A bit of backstory, I get really really bad allergies when the weather changes (I know, I’m weird) and, on Thursday I had an especially bad attack. But instead of resting…

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Mexican Street Fries


Remember how I said I felt guilty about sharing a less-than healthy meal so soon after Thanksgiving?  Let’s just pretend today’s recipe is healthy, OK? I mean, there are sweet potatoes and Brussels Sprouts in there so technically this recipe is healthy (ish).  Plus these fries are probably the best you’ve ever had, so that helps make up…

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